We carry our Bibles around with such ease, that we rarely stop to think about how amazing it is to have God’s Word bound in a single volume, small enough to tuck under an arm, put in a purse, or even (if you can read the tiny print!) stick it in a back pocket. What we call a book, or codex, didn’t exist when the prophets were writing and weren’t well-known in the days of the apostles. But Christians adopted the codex very early as a way of holding together the diverse writings they considered to be Scripture. Today, kids learn in Sunday School that the Bible is made up of sixty-six books, thirty-nine in the Old Testament and twenty-seven in the New. We take it for granted that these books form The Book. But how did that happen? How and why did the followers of Christ come to accept these books, and only these books as God-breathed Scripture?

These are the questions we will be taking up Friday evening, February 24. From 7 to 9pm we will be focused upon coming to a better understanding of the biblical, theological, and historical issues involved in answering the question, “Why this Book?” Mark your calendar and plan to join us at 7515 Tournament Trail Drive in Atascocita as we learn about the canon of the Christian Scriptures. We’ll provide plenty of coffee and snacks to keep you going!