Newsweek vs. the New Testament Dr. Mohler responds to an article by agnostic New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman on Christmas and the historical reliability of the New Testament. Mohler writes, “Christianity stands or falls on the truth concerning Jesus, and thus it also stands or falls on the authority and truthfulness of the Bible. What you believe about historical truth defines what you believe about Jesus Christ. Without the revealed truths of the New Testament, there is no Christianity, just superstitions and fantasies about Jesus.” You can read the complete response here.

The Fiscal Cliff Here’s a short article explaining what the “fiscal cliff” is and why Christians should care.

Spontaneous Baptism? Because we meet in an elementary school for worship, we have to plan in advance if we want to baptize anyone. That works to my benefit because I prefer to sit and visit with a person for a while at least once before I will baptize them. Of course, there are instances of more immediate, spontaneous baptisms after the conversion of someone in the New Testament. Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, and Darrin Patrick discuss their different approaches to handling this particular issue in this video.