Forty years have now passed since the US Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion in Roe v. Wade. Since that time tens of millions of human beings have lost their lives in our own country before they even took their first breath (the numbers are staggeringly higher when one views things from an international perspective). I have three sons and a daughter on the way now, and I have to confess that, having seen numerous ultrasounds and held three of my four children, that I can’t imagine the levels of deception (be it self-deception or from outside voices) that must, of necessity, lead to abortion. Rather than repeat what has been said with far more clarity by others, I thought I would provide a few links to some of the more helpful and/or interesting recent articles on abortion. I hope these writings challenge you, break your heart, and then point you to the Gospel as the only sure hope for sinners and a sinful world. Make sure you read the last one.

Albert Mohler takes a look at why “the abortion question is anything but settled” in this article on Roe v. Wade and the continued opposition to abortion in the face of the Supreme Court’s decision forty years ago.

Here’s a list of resources from Stand to Reason for those of us who want to become better equipped at defending the pro-life position. “Making the pro-life case is completely within your ability, I promise you. You just need to arm yourself with some information, a game plan, and some tools to help you get started.”

In this thought-provoking article by David Ould he considers the link between those who support “choice” and “gay marriage.” Ould writes, “Now, here’s the crunch. It has often been observed that many of those campaigning most strongly for ‘gay rights’ (not least in the area of adoption) are also those who are campaigning for ‘reproductive rights’, i.e. the right to abort. It seems to me there’s a basic disconnect here: on the one hand the push for adoption is couched in the language of providing loving parents for unwanted children; on the other hand the push for abortion is all about the disposal of unwanted children.”

Justin Taylor provides us with a few useful facts about the “Roe”. He writes, “Yet a recent Pew study found that 4 in 10 ‘Millennials’ don’t even know that Roe v. Wade has to do with abortion. And even fewer today know the true story of the woman who started it all, the pseudonymous plaintiff “Jane Roe.” Here are five things you may not know about her, culled from interviews and profiles along with her sworn congressional testimony and memoirs.”

Finally, here’s a short article establishing the basic theological foundations behind a Christian pro-life stance by Ched Spellman. He states, “The way that the biblical writers usually refer to the unborn implies full personhood. Therefore, human beings, even in conception and the earliest stages of development, are created in the image of God. The growing life inside a mother’s womb is not an animalistic fetus devoid of humanness but rather a ‘son’ or a ‘daughter,’ an ‘infant’ or a ‘child.’”